Swift Roundup #18: re:Invent 2023 summary

Introducing a variety of innovative services and notable announcements, including the launch of Amazon Q—an innovative generative AI assistant designed specifically for workplace applications. Additionally, the Serverless innovations & the next-generation AWS-designed chips and introduced various enhancements to elevate your computing experience.

AWS serverless innovations

Three new AWS serverless innovations for Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon ElastiCache build on the work AWS has been doing ever since the first service, Amazon S3: Amazon Simple Storage Service, was launched. The new offerings are aimed to help customers analyze and manage data at any scale, while dramatically simplifying their operations. Learn more.

Amazon Q

Amazon Q is a new type of generative AI assistant specifically for work. It can be tailored to your business and is with security and privacy in mind. Learn more.

Next-generation AWS-designed chips

AWS Graviton4 and AWS Trainium2 will make running generative AI, and other workloads faster, less expensive, and more energy efficient. Learn more.

Powerful new capabilities for Amazon Bedrock

In October, we announced the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed AWS service that makes large language models and other foundation models (FMs) from leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies, including AI21, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, and Stability AI, available through a single API. New capabilities for Amazon Bedrock empower customers to customize models, enable generative AI applications to execute multistep tasks, and build safeguards into their applications. Learn more.

5 new Amazon SageMaker capabilities

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service that brings together a broad set of tools to enable high-performance, low-cost machine learning for any use case. Five new capabilities will make it even easier for customers to build, train, and deploy models for generative AI. Learn more.

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