Swift Roundup #16: After a Time of Pause Following The Massacre

#BringThemHomeNow #NeverAgain #StandWithIsrael

Dear subscribers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today with a heavy heart and a sense of responsibility. Last month, the world witnessed a tragedy that deeply affected me, leading to the unfortunate halt in our regular newsletters. The events that transpired were profound, and I felt it was essential to take a pause to reflect and respect the gravity of the situation.

A devastating terror attack, one that shook not only the affected community but also resonated globally. During this period, the usual focus on sharing our regular content took a backseat as my thoughts and concerns shifted towards the thousands of innocent civilians who were kidnapped, raped, murdered, and even burned alive—this included children, women, and the elderly.

As an individual committed to delivering thoughtful and informative content to you, our valued readers, I felt it was crucial to take a moment of silence and solidarity. However, I recognize the importance of keeping you informed and engaged, which is why I am now back, eager to resume our regular communications.

Warm regards 🇮🇱


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