Swift Roundup #11: Terraform license change

What is the significant change introduced by HashiCorp? (TL;DR: Terraform license) and how might it impact you?

💣 HashiCorp is changing its source code license from MPL to BSL

What is BSL?

In short, BSL license = Business Source License.

The Business Source License is a type of software license that was introduced to address some of the limitations and concerns associated with traditional open-source licenses, especially for projects developed by commercial entities.

HashiCorp announcement

👇 Why the future of Terraform should be open? Take a look at Yevgeniy Brikman’s blog post.

👍 OpenTF

What is it?

OpenTF is a collaborative initiative supported by many of the most recognized companies and projects in the Terraform ecosystem. Its primary goal is to return Terraform to a fully open-source license. The Business Source License (BUSL) is not considered open source, which means that this initiative aims to transition Terraform back to a license like the MPL license or another well-known, widely accepted open-source license such as the Apache License 2.0. Additionally, OpenTF aims to provide assurance that Terraform will always remain open source, so you won't need to worry about another sudden license change jeopardizing everything.

If you’re willing to join OpenTF cause, please sign the manifesto as follows:

  1. Check out the manifesto repo (instructions).

  2. Add a new row to the end of the table below with your details.

  3. Open a pull request with your changes (instructions).

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