Swift Roundup #1: GitOps, Platform Engineering and the local Self-Service 🚀

Our first tutorial is OUT! Learn how to implement GitOps using AWS CodeBuild. Additionally, a MUST READ article has been published and we have a new recommendation about amazing tool that will enable you to implement self-service locally. Enjoy! 🎉

YouTube Tutorial 🎞️

GitOps using AWS CodeBuild

Senora's tutorial on GitOps with AWS CodeBuild is here! 🚀 In this tutorial, you will learn how to harness the power of the AWS CodeBuild service to streamline your CI/CD pipelines, accelerate software development workflows, and even create cool automations using the GitOps concept. All of this will be achieved using a small Terraform module. Get ready to dive in and level up your skills!


Senora Recommends 👏

Every week, Senora recommends an open-source tool that will help you with Self-Service & DevEx. This week, we would like to highlight the following tool:

ScriptKit is an open-source kit designed to optimize your developer workflow. With ScriptKit, you can enable developers to perform self-service actions locally. For example, you can use ScriptKit to:

  • Execute deployment scripts.

  • Configure the local host according to organizational standards.

  • Create a new project using a scaffolding template.

And much more...

GitHub Repository:

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